Taking Stock October 2017


I have been away for a while but I wanted to come back with a taking stock post because it helps you look at your life. This might be a lil different.

Making: mental pictures. I have been so detached from myself lately that I still need more time to figure things out

Eating: Wedged potatoes. I always salt my potatoes before cooking them. Makes a BIG difference, trust me

Drinking: Green tea. Mint green tea from Kericho Gold has become a personal fave of mine. Just the scent of mint kinda calms me down. Unfortunately, I’m running low on my supply.

Reading: the book of Mathew. I have been so detached from Gods word and from God Himself. I want to go back to the basics 

Wanting: a clean start. If I wronged you I am truly sorry, and if you wronged me all is forgiven.

Playing: Even When It Hurts by Hillsong. Sometimes, most of the times when life gets hard I forget who to turn to and I start to loose Faith. My faith is my life! “Even when it hurts  like hell, Ill praise You!”

Wasting: Flour and eggs trying to make pancakes. for some reason the first bunch doesn’t quite turn out right. Safe to say I am not that good a cook

Creating: new content for you guys. Did I mention how much I missed yah?

Wishing: I could understand people better

Enjoying: good ol’ music. I am pretty sure music soothes my soul.

Loving: Kari Jobe. Her voice is amizing! Her music lifts me up every single time

Hoping:My faith will grow and inspire others!

Marveling:at how much Jesus loves me! It is overwhelming thinking of all He went through so I could be called child of God. Being crucified for my sins and still say forgive her father. There is truly no greater love

Smelling: Mint. Honey I got that green mint tea stuck in my head.

Wearing: My pajamas. it waaaayyyy past my bed time.

Following: the series Blue Bloods. Such a family oriented show.

Noticing: my love for coconut oil is growing. I put it on my hair (and its working wonder) and my face + my whole body. #realcommitment

Knowing: that I’ll sleep peacefully this night. Some burden has been lifted and I totally feel lighter. 

Feeling: grateful for the grace that wakes me and keeps me each day!

Bookmarking: nothing at the moment but if ya’ll know some good stuff I can bookmark tell me in the comment section bellow

Opening: my life up. This is something new and something I am not used to so you got to give me time to adjust.

Giggling: at Madea plays.Tyler Perrys plays have the best lessons.Fortunately, I have some of his plays and watch them every night. Y’all should watch!

Feeling: refreshed, rejuvenated and happy to be alive

Love and bessings




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