Taking Stock: June


Happy new month! What better way to start the month than with me reflecting on simple things. This is me taking stock!

Making : a big fuss about not having lights the whole day.

Cooking : nothing. I am the worst cook alive! I’m not even kidding, I hate cooking (sorry future husband)

Drinking : Rose tea by Kericho Gold. I’m still not sure whether or not I love the taste of roses on my tongue.

Wanting: so much to go on a road trip.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper road trip before.

Looking: for my airtime. Can you imagine I misplaced 250 worth of credit somewhere in this house? Every table and bed is getting turned!

Playing: Your Song by Elton John cover done by Christina Grimmie. Its quite sad that the world lost such a powerful voice at a young age.

Deciding: whether or not I should watch 13 reasons why. I am quite sure that its not my cup of tea, too much drama, but I still want to know if its

Wishing: I could listen more to my heart than to my brain. I have trust issues when it comes to my heart.

Taking Stock: June
Enjoying: cuddling and having lazy days

Waiting: for the traffic to die out

Liking: the night time. I’m still in love with full moons, why? I have no idea.

Wondering: if people stopped worrying about money will the world be a better place or would something else come up?

Loving: shooting and filming. we’ve been shooting a commercial for the last 2 weeks in school and I LOVE IT! Its a bit hectic but I’m loving it so far

Pondering: if love does exist

Considering: dating. I’ve been single for so long

Buying: so many chocolate bars cause its been a while. I also have a post idea that involves chocolates, get exited!

Watching: accidentally engaged. I’m not the biggest romance fan so I’m not sure how the disk got into my laptop.

Wearing: a black top, fitted jeans and flat shoes. Talk about casual Thursday

I can host this Saturdays’ radio show on my own. I am so nervous, will I even show up?

Needing: some H2O  in my system. Honestly I don’t think I’ve had a sip of water the whole day. Its currently 6:05 pm here in Kenya.

Questioning: my whole view of love, marriage and kids. I always said I wouldn’t want to be married or have kids but now I’m having second thoughts about that.

Taking Stock: June

Noticing: that most of the time people don’t get my personality so  I’ll try summarize it for you. I am an introvert, this means I love my alone time almost every time. Yes I am shy but just because I am quiet doesn’t mean I’m always shy; I’m more of a listener.  Sometimes I can sound mean but I do have your interest at heart.

Knowing: that sometimes its good to get emotional and to let someone in. This is a big issue for me but trying to work on it.

Thinking: about a guy I met  some months ago

Admiring: adventurous people. I’m one of those people who need to know every aspect of whatever I am doing cause if I don’t, my anxiety levels  spike

Getting: excited about getting a tattoo. I am so close into getting on the chair and letting a guy permanently “ink” my skin.

Giggling: at the thought of you. You make me happy.

Feeling: some type of way about life

Snacking: on a bar of chocolate. Man its been a while!

Hearing: People talking politics in the background. I should probably go ahead and join them, they sound interesting.

What small things in your life do you reflect on?

Till next time



4 Responses
  • savai
    June 8, 2017

    This is amazing!

    • Tracey Kaburu
      June 9, 2017

      thanks dear

  • kat
    June 17, 2017

    Are you thinking about this guy that mum has been talking about? because she’s been talking alot about this guy she met????? (curious) 😛

    • Tracey Kaburu
      June 17, 2017

      Lol, who’s mum been talking about??

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