Current Hair Care Routine With KeraCare Natural Hair Products /Review


This post is sponsored by Phalon Limited. They are the official distributors of Avlon hair products in Kenya.

I CUT MY HAIR! In case you didn’t know, now you do. A couple of months before I did the BIG CHOP Phalon limited contacted me and asked if I could try some samples of the products they sell. Now this was a big save for me since I was so confused on which products to use. Immediately I cut my hair I got my samples and I’m so glad I did. This is a review of KeraCare natural hair products that I have been using for the past one month.

Getting The Products

Phalon Limited is located on the 4th floor at ViewPark Towers in the CBD area meaning you can easily get the products. They also do deliveries countrywide.

When I went for the products I met Keziah who is amazingly kind, warm and very inviting. She not only tried to engage me in conversation but wanted to know everything about my hair so as to give me the right products that would work well with my hair. She kept asking me questions about my hair; “is your  hair natural?” “is that your natural hair color” “is your scalp itch?” This was some of the questions she asked. She was kind enough to explain to me how the products work even though there were directions at the back of every product. You know me, I’m a sucker for good service.

The Products

From the range of natural products, I was given the conditioners and the products used while styling. Unfortunately I missed the shampoo. So every product has a number at the bottom, shampoos are 1, conditioners 2 and for styling 3. Makes it easier for you to know what you are grabbing while in a hurry.

The smell of all the products I got smell heavenly! If science had a pleasant smell it would be these products. My favourite was the Humecto cream conditioner.

One thing I love about the products I got is the fact that they were hair milks and creams. This is because my hair is quite kinky with tight coils so they seem to moisturize my hair and make it look and feel all types of fresh.

I’ll take you through my lazy day hair care routine using the products.

KeraCare Natural Hair Products Review
Pre- Poo/ Hot Oil Treatment

Current Hair Care Routine With KeraCare Natural Hair Products

I used the essential oils as a hot oil treatment the night before I wash my hair. It basically gives my hair more moisture and  avoids breakage and a lot of shedding while washing my hair. It has all sorts of goodies in the ingredients such as coconut oil, castor seed oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil just to name a few. All these oils encourage healthy hair growth. Now I know it says that you put it for 10-15 minutes before shampooing your hair but I always pre-poo the night before. The product is clear unlike all the other products but still smells amazing. I massage it on my scalp which helps with blood circulation which helps in hair growth.


Current Hair Care Routine With KeraCare Natural Hair Products

I use the Humecto Cream Conditioner after shampooing my hair. This is a creme conditioner that provides a lot of slip for my hair. The slip makes finger detangling so much easier for me since my fingers can easily go through my hair. I simply put a good amount in my hands, take a piece of my hair and put it on my hair from the tips to the roots as I detangle. After that I leave it on for 15-20 minutes with a plastic cap and rinse it out.

KeraCare Natural Hair Products Review

2 Strand twists

After washing my hair, I let my hair dry out on its own. This means i remove the excess water using a towel and leave it like that to dry.  When the hair is a bit damp, I use the Butter cream to do my 2 strand twist (which is basically my to-go hair style) and let my hair dry out completely.This product is creamy and thick and locks in moisture.The butter cream has oils such as coconut oil, castor, jojoba and amla oils which provide so much moisture your hair will thank me!


Before doing 2 strand twist I also use the over night moisturizing treatment. Honestly this is at the top of my list in all the products I got.  It not only smells divine but also softens your hair. I’ve heard a couple of people asking me if i really do have natural hair because of how soft my hair is. I still have kinks and tight coils but other than that my hair is really soft. you are to incorporate it for 2 weeks in your night time hair regime and trust me it does soften and makes your hair and reduces hair frizz. You’ll thank me later!

I also use the essential oils  to lock in moisture and massage my scalp. I massage my scalp every night and sometimes in the morning just to help with blood circulation.

Co- Wash

I co-wash my hair once in 2 weeks. This is basically forgoing the shampoo and just using a conditioner. I love the Honey Shea Co-wash  because it is kind to my scalp. Many conditioners make my scalp itch every time I use it without shampooing but this does not. It still gives you a lot of slip which is good for detangling and a whole lot of moisture. You only keep it for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off.

KeraCare Natural Hair Products Review

Twist Out

I keep my twists in depending on whether or not I have to leave the house. This is because I look messy and a bit crazy with the twists due my hair being short. So if I don’t have to leave the house My 2 strand twists stay in longer. I remove the twist using the Butter Cream and the Hair Milk daily hair sustainer to add moisture and keep the twist out refreshed and defined. The Amla and Castor oil in the Hair milk add sine to your hair giving you that fresh clean look.

Current Hair Care Routine With KeraCare Natural Hair Products

Final Verdict

Do I recommend this line? Definitely! The Avlon Kera Care natural Hair Products are AMAZING! It moisturizes your hair keeping your hair feeling/looking fresh and your curls defined. Get yourself these products!!

*some of the product photos are curtesy of the internet*


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Current Hair Care Routine With KeraCare Natural Hair Products /Review



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