What I Have Been Applying on My Body/Body Moisturizer


My sister was recently in South Africa and she bought me this amazing Shea body butter from The Body Shop and I’m in LOVE. This body moisturizer is literally AMAZING!

Body moisturizer

 I have used it, time from time, for about a month now and gosh I want more of this or something close to this. I’ve have heard of The Body Shop but never owned anything from the brand which is kinda sad. I don’t know if The Body Shop has a shop here in Kenya, I mean I haven’t heard of the place,  so I have never thought of  importing beauty products. I’m more of  get in the shop and getting it for yourself. But now I’m literally trying my very best not to go on an online shopping spree.

The brand is animal cruelty free and have products that are vegan. I did a bit of research on what a vegan product is since, honestly, I had no idea what that was. It means products that don’t have any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients such as honey and beeswax, many others. I came across this blog post that sheds some light on the topic.

Back to the review, This body butter is smooth yet feels so creamy. It moisturizes your skin and leaves it feeling so nourished  soft and hydrated. The only down side I have is that it has this overpowering scent, not a bad scent. I really don’t like my body lotions to be scented because if I’m wearing perfume then the scents just kinda clash.  This body butter is good and I over look the scent; its just too good.

Body moisturizer

Overall this body butter/ body moisturizer is just the bomb! I am literally recommending it to anyone who wants something like this. Thanks sis!

I would really want to, are you aware of cruelty free products?



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